Our Team

Our Chief Doctors

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Dr. Moataz A.Rahman

Chairman & Chief Medical Officer
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Dr. Ahmed  Motawea

Chief Operations Manager
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DR. Ahmed Abd EL Hakim

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Eng Mustafa M. Adel

IT Manager


Integrated Medical Assistance is committed to improve healthcare outcome, ensuring patient safety and providing quality health care in Egypt. There will be an effective data-gathering tool providing important medical information instantly available to healthcare practitioners.
Under the “timely access” patients should be able to be seen by ER resident within 2 hours maximum for urgent care and to get appointments within 48 hours for specialists. Add to that a 30-minute wait time limit and to speak with HMO customer service representatives immediately and everyone should start to feel a whole lot better. Information has now become available at the  of the physician’s doorstep, leading to improved knowledge, quality, and Health care outcome for our Clients.
Integrated Medical Assistance has strived to deliver a first class network of medical providers; Integrated Medical Assistance Medical Network offers a reliable, friendly solution to provide Medical care and Services, which can be easily accessed by employees and their Families in timely fashion manner.
We have carefully selected our clients and customers amongst top five stars hotel chains in Egypt, as we are currently extending our managed care program (self funded health care plans) to unify the family care with the employee benefits program, a wide array of services has been launched to fulfill different client requirements, it starts from basic health care unit, up to, managing a construction medical site.
We are committed to the development of the community in all aspects of its economic and cultural life. To support this goal, we provide a wide range of human and cultural services as well as advocacy work. Our staff and volunteers have joined forces to meet the needs of low income families, to help newly arrived Travelers’ adapt to life in Egypt, and to foster among Americans and Europeans a greater understanding of Arab culture as it exists both here and in the Arab World.
Integrated Medical Assistance is dedicated, in all of its efforts, to empowering and enabling people to lead more informed, productive, and fulfilling lives. We are dedicated to serving the community with , and to strengthen and develop our community. Satisfying our clients, customers, and community drives our daily priorities. We value them and provide them with the highest level of service and respect. – Chairman